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Please Read the Big Bash Bass Rules & Regulations before registering for a tournament. We want a fun and safe experience for everyone and we take the rules very seriously. Thank you


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  • Canceled Events
    Guys we have made the decision to cancel the next two events at Lake Macintosh and Tuckertown. We just don’t want to have too many events in a small area so close together that it hurts the turnout overall so we made the decesion to concentrate...
  • Randleman Bash Results
    Hour 1 Andrew Wallace 5.42 Chris Coble 5.09 Bill Goots 4.57 Joel Richardson 4.46 Brad Foley 4.20 Hour 2 Mike Harding 5.30 Todd Walters 5.06 Brett Barreli 5.02 Jim Long 3.71 Vince Mounts 3.70 Hour 3 Travis Leonard 7.17 Mike Cook 4.46 Ray Deal 3.95 Nick...
  • Lake Tillery Results
    Hour 1 Rodney Gooch  5.82 Reggie Bartell  3.54 JR Ridenhour  3.53 Hour 2 Greg Gooch  7.18 Rodger Ridenhour  2.40 JR Ridenhour  3.53 Hour 3 John Smith  5.79 Jason Thomas  3.59 Dan Jones  3.16 Hour 4 Reggie Bartwell  3.82 Brian Sorrell  2.67 Richard Stargardt  2.50 Hour 5...