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Please Read the Big Bash Bass Rules & Regulations before registering for a tournament. We want a fun and safe experience for everyone and we take the rules very seriously. Thank you


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  • Championship
    Guys we will draw the Championship lake on October 1st at 5pm. Once the lake is drawn the top 50 will have until Monday, October 8th to pay their $65 deposit for the Championship. If you do not pay the deposit by October 8th we will...
  • Norman Bash Results
    Hour 1 Trent Beam  3.54 Dustin Loftin  2.31 Nathan Webber  2.03 Hour 2 Jeff Therrell  2.78 James Locklear  2.38 Gary Tyrell  2.17 Hour 3 Roger Ridenhour  3.58 Gary Tyrell  1.94 Dustin Loftin  1.90 Hour 4 Troy Armstrong  2.32 Tim Hawley  1.74 Richard Stargardt  1.69 Hour 5...
  • Lake Norman BBB
    Saturday, September 16th. Weigh Station will be at Pinnacle Access area. Join us for a chance at a GUARANTEED Payout of $1,500.00 for the overall winner!         NO matter how many ENTRIES we receive!! CASH PAYOUT FOR THE TOP 5 BIGGEST BASS OF EACH HOUR, A HUGE NUMBER...